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Beginning the recovery from Hurricane Ian

The Florida Lighthouse Association (FLA) is a volunteer-operated nonprofit organization dedicated to the preservation, restoration, and protection of Florida's remaining lighthouses. Since our inception, we have raised and granted nearly two million dollars to lighthouse preservation across the state. Our efforts have funded many essential projects, including a complete restoration of the Pensacola Lighthouse and the rebuilding of St. George Island Lighthouse. Despite these successes, preservation is an ongoing process, particularly in Florida; the effects of wind, salt air, and storms take an unceasing toll on these magnificent towers.

In September 2022, three of our historic light stations — Port Boca Grande, Gasparilla, and Sanibel Island — bore the brunt of Hurricane Ian's wrath to devastating effect. The Sanibel Keeper's Quarters and associated structures were swept away, while the tower sits limp at the edge of the water, missing one of its structural support legs. To the north, Port Boca Grande Lighthouse suffered severe structural and water damage. The Gasparilla Island Lighthouse - which had just been completely restored - had many of its support elements twisted and torn, putting its stability into question.

In the wake of Ian's destruction, FLA was integral to the immediate response to these challenges. Within days of the storm, we granted the release of emergency funding that was desperately needed to hire engineers and contractors to begin the stabilization process for these endangered lighthouses.

Before Hurricane Ian, FLA’s current grant cycle had received funding requests totaling nearly $500,000, an amount that would already have stretched FLA to its limits. After the storm, we received an additional $6,000,000 worth of requests for restoration funding. This unprecedented damage to our state’s historic treasures has resulted in a desperate need for funding that has greatly exceeded the capacity of FLA. We need your help to keep our state’s lights shining!

Sanibel Lighthouse Update, Feb. 2023 (PDF)



Florida residents can help by purchasing FLA’s specialty license plate for your vehicle. 90% of the $25 special fee ($22.50) goes directly to Protecting, Preserving, and Restoring Florida's Lighthouses!

Anyone can become a member of FLA  by joining, you will be actively working to preserve an important part of Florida history, while also receiving great perks in return!

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