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Lighthouses played a critical role in Florida’s history; making it possible to explore, settle and develop Florida by using its 1,350 miles of coastline–second only to Alaska in states with longest coastline. There are still 29 lighthouses on Florida’s coastline today and they are all in need of constant restoration and preservation.

One of the easiest ways to show your support for the preservation of Florida’s lighthouses is to purchase the Visit Our Lights license plate. The annual use fees go to the Florida Lighthouse Association, Inc., to fund the preservation, restoration, and protection of the 29 historic lighthouses remaining in the state.

The Florida Lighthouse Association’s (FLA) mission is to safeguard Florida’s remaining lighthouses for future generations by supporting community-based restoration, preservation and education efforts. It’s a small donation and you get to decorate your car with a beautiful lighthouse. Switch to the ‘Visit Our Lights’ tag today.

You can replace your old plate with a ‘Visit Our Lights’ specialty plate at the normal renewal period, or within 90 days of your normal renewal date, by visiting your tax collector’s office. Of the $53 initial cost to replace your tag, $25 goes straight to FLA! Normal registration fees and annual renewal fees also apply; see your tax collector’s website for details.