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The Florida Lighthouse Association has a variety of committees–all run by volunteers–that keep our operations functioning. From planning meetings to reviewing financial reports, there is a wide range of opportunities for anyone who is interested in volunteering. If you would like to use your skills and talents to support FLA in its various operations, see below for an overview of different Volunteer Committees that you could serve on:


Goal: Increase the number of members to support Lighthouse preservation/restoration efforts.
Action: Recruit new members, manage membership databases, provide orientations, outreach to current members.


Goal: Ensure Board meets its legal fiduciary duty to protect FLA assets & provide financial oversight.
Action: Reviewing financial reports, providing financial literacy training to Board Members, ensuring compliance with reporting requirements.

Meetings and Programs

Goal: Increase understanding/commitment to Lighthouse restoration/preservation by planning/conducting educational meetings & Lighthouse visits.
Action: Planning and coordinating FLA quarterly meetings, track registration and meeting attendance, research discounted hotel rates, decorations, food, venues, speaker recruitment.

Revenue Development

Goal: Increase philanthropic donations for FLA restoration & preservation initiatives.
Action: Plan and implement solicitations, engage donors, donor recognition activities, making thank you calls, sharing impact of gifts with donors.

PR and Marketing

Goal: Increase understanding of the importance of Florida’s historic lighthouses & support for FLA’s restoration & preservation efforts.
Action: Write for the quarterly newsletter, publicize and promote meetings and events, market FLA’s specialty license plate, maintain historical documents and research, update social media.

Government Affairs

Goal: Research the feasibility of establishing a proactive government public affairs/advocacy program to increase government resources available for lighthouses.
Action: Identify potential partner organizations, research best practices for implementing calls to action, monitor and research economic impact of Lighthouses

Want to Help?

For additional information regarding volunteer opportunities, please contact the FLA Office at