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Amelia Island Lighthouse & Museum

Photos: Stan Beckstrom

  Active: Yes

Characteristics: Flashes every 10 seconds; has red sector on the southeast.

Height: 64 feet, 69 steps

DayMark: White conical tower with black lantern

History: Constructed 1838 - 39 (present site). First lighted: Spring 1839. Listed in National Register.

Lens: Original:14 revolving Lewis patent lamps with 15-inch reflectors, 1838. Other used: third-order, revolving Frensnel Lens, Henry-LePaute, 1868. Present: third-order revolving Fresnel lens: Barbier & Bernard. 1903. Focal Plane: 107 feet.

Construction: Architect and Builder: Winslow Lewis. Conical brick tower, foundation: brick, construction materials: brick, granite and iron.

Other Buildings: Oil storage house, 1960's ranch-style keeper's dwelling; two car garage.

     30 40 24 N
     80 26 30 W

Operated by: United States Coast Guard

Visit Status: Lighthouse grounds are open to the public every Saturday between 11am and 2pm.

The City of Fernandina Beach offers tours of the Amelia Island Lighthouse grounds on the first and third Wednesday at 10am.  For reservations click here or (904) 310-3350.

Facilities: None

Amelia Island Lighthouse & Museum, Inc.
Chris Belcher
109 South 18th St.
Fernandina, FL  32034

Email:  chris@ameliaislandlighthouse.org
Website: www.AmeliaIslandLighthouse.org

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