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Florida Lighthouse Association

Preserving, Restoring, Protecting & Defending Florida's Lighthouse Towers
Lighthouse News

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Florida lighthouses are in Red

Other U.S.lighthouses are in Blue

Non U.S. lighthouses are in  Black

Coast Guard proposes changing lighthouse lenses - 12-23-16

General Meade 'Visits' Lighthouse Friends Jan. 7 - 12-22-16

Region looking for expressions of interest for Fort Point Lighthouse -12-22-16

Beacon shining a light on Wairoa's past - 12-20-16

Picture Post: Historic beacon of light still pointing the way - 12-19-16

Hike: Gray ahales are migrating. where to see them - 12-19-17

The siege of Blackrock Lighthouse - 12-19-17

Bringing life to the Harbor of Refuge Light - 12-17-16

From the Lighthouse - 12-17-16

Bath Museum to Exhibit Cape Elizabeth Lighthouse Lens - 12-15-16

'Keep Nobska in Your Heart' - 12-14-16

'Shine On' New License Plate to Raise Money to restore Tchefuncte Lighthouse - 12-14-16

Land's End to help Restore Marblehead Lighthouse with Sales of Ornaments - 12-14-16

Cedar Island Light is on the Mend - 12-13-16

Hope on Horizon for Stonington Lighthouse Museum Project - 12-12-16

St. George Lighthouse book now available - 12-12-16

Inaccessible Lewes' Refuge lighthouse gets new dock - 12-12-16
Grab a slice of pizza with Santa at the Absecon lighthouse - 12-10-16

This lighthouse and headland are for sale for £1.4 million - 12-10-16

Seahorse Key lighthouse open Saturday -12-9-16

Sonia O'Sullivan: A lighthouse at the edge of the world - 12-9-16
Local man builds scale model of Sylvan Lake - 12-9-16

Protect Pine Islet lighthouse before it's too late - 12-9-16

People and Places with Pierce: Roanoke Marshes - 12-9-16

It Took Seven Years to Make This Lovely Short About a lighthouse Keeper's Discovery - 12-8-16

Caribou lighthouse preservation group seeks support of county council - 12-7-16

Worst damage in 30 years: Iconic lighthouse out of action - 12-7-16

Mathews hires help to preserve lighthouse light - 12-6-16

Eroding West Point lighthouse property needs help now, says advocate - 12-6-16

Scaling Kovalam lighthouse no more an uphill task - 12-5-16

Fort Erie considers how to celebrate lighthouse centennial - 12-5-16

Special-needs center group creates lighthouse - 12-4-16

North Manitou Light Keepers Buy The Crib Lighthouse - 12-4-16

Santa Didn't Forget About the Sleepy Hollow Lighthouse - 12-4-16
Duluth ship canal lighthouses added to National Register - 12-3-16

Armchair Film Adventure features Lighthouses - 12-3-16

Zoning amendment could pave the way for Stonington Lighthouse Museum addition - 12-3-16

Pensacola Lighthouse shining light on early education - 12-3-16

Passion, creativity for lighthouses inspire Halifax author Allan Billard - 12-2-16

A Christmas gift for Port's lighthouse - 12-2-16

Living the lighthouse life - 12-2-16

On this day 1787: Scotland's first modern lighthouse is lit at 3.31pm - 12-2-16

A decorated lighthouse and lighted boats - 11-30-16

102-year-old Kingston Peninsula lighthouse likely to be demolished - 11-30-16

Presque Isle Lighthouse, proposed sanctuary seen as tourist draws - 11-30-16

Multi-million dollar restoration planned for northern Michigan lighthouse - 11-30-16

The Remarkable Lens in America's Oldest Lighthouse Station - 11-30-16

Work underway on Bald Head Island lighthouse - 11-30-16

Lorain Historical Society, cookies at Gift Shop Holiday Open House - 11-15-16
Caught on filmCaught on film - 11-15-16

'To Keep the Light' illuminates the story of the silent worker - 11-15-16

City hopes for $55K grant for lighthouse work - 11-13-16
Save The Bay's two-hour Seal-Lighthouse Tours set to begin on November 19th - 11-12-16

7 Lighthouses Around the World to Inspire a Trip - 11-11-16

People and Places with Pierce: The Roanoke River Lighthouse 1866 -11-11-16
Preserving History: Saving the Lighthouse on Squaw Island Part 1 - 11-11-16

Lighthouse celebrates reopening today - 11-11-16

Split Rock Lighthouse Commemorates Fitzgerald Sinking - 11-10-16

Exploring Havasu: 'The City With The Most Lighthouses' - 11-9-16
Keeping the Fire of Irish Lighthouses Alive - 11-9-16

Soon to be available, a virtual tour of the Round Island Lighthouse - 11-8-16

Point Lookout Lighthouse Open House - 11-6-16

Morris Island lighthouse could re-attach to beach - 11-6-16

Point Malcolm lighthouse switched on for first time since 1931-11-4-16

New book sheds light on Long Island's lighthouses - 11-4-16

Montauk Lighthouse Holiday Illumination Canceled for 2016 - 11-3-16
Bids accepted on historic Connectict lighthouses - 11-3-16

Have You Ever, Ever Felt Like This? The Oral History of 'Round The Twist' - 11-2-16
ROSSI: Port Colborne's lighthouse has a unique history - 11-2-16

New lighthouse movie starring Gerard Butler to illuminate one of Scotland's most baffling mysteries - 11-1-16
Coast Guard Accepts Bids For Sale Of Lighthouses - 11-1-16
Point Sur Lighthouse's haunted past - 11-1-16

290 Jupiter residents without power, lighthouse back on -10-30-16
100 years ago: Plum Beach lighthouse keeper found dead - 10-30-16

Growing up at Boston Light: A Special and Spooky Childhood - 10-29-16

Ghost stories continue to haunt local lighthouses - 10-29-16

Oak Island Lighthouse repairs near completion - 10-29-16
Climb the lighthouse, see wildlife, stay at historic hotel in St. Augustine - 10-28-16

Panmure Island lighthouse to be featured on commemorative coin - 10-27-16
Point Clark Lighthouse, Lucknow Music in the Fields - 10-26-16

Allan Billard discovers Lighthouses of Nova Scotia - 10-26-16
Group fighting to save, restore historic lighthouse on Caribou Island - 10-25-16

After makeover, special fresh coat of paint, Jupiter Lighthouse opens - 10-25-16
MBL Lecture Series Begins With Lighthouses - 1-22-16

Preservation society to shrink wrap Nottawasaga Lighthouse - 10-21-16

Did Matthew splinter Sea Pines lighthouse? - 10-21-16
Restored lighthouse on Lake Erie shore in Ohio dedicated - 10-21-16

Brecknock Hall Foundation presents 'Brilliant Beacons: A History of the American Lighthouse,' - 10-19-16
Lighthouse Foundation hosts Light Night fundraiser - 10-19-16

Who Blows A Lighthouse's Foghorn? - 10-19 16
Italy sells off lighthouses to help balance the books - 10-19-16

Jupiter Lighthouse to be seen in a new light - 10-19-16

Aiming to save lighthouses of Atlantic Canada - 10-14-16

Lighten up your life with these events in Jupiter! - 10-14-16

Mr. Lighthouse honored with Memorial Street Dedication - 10-14-16

Point Sur Lighthouse Ghost Tour - 10-13-16

Architect sought for Tyneside lighthouse overhaul - 10-12-16

Lighthouse preservation a vital aim - 10-12-16

Non-critical lighthouses go to agencies, nonprofits, or sold - 10-12-16
Buyers Beware: Historic Lighthouses Come With Costs - 10-12-16

In Keansburg, replica lighthouse recalls past glory - 10-11-16

Letter: Save the light - 10-10-16
Letter: Save the light - 10-9-16

'All lighthouses to be solarised by December' - 10-9-16

Concerted effort will improve access to the landmark Buffalo Lighthouse - 10-9-16

Overlooked Orleans: Point Breeze lighthouse was doomed - 10-9-16

Lighthouse Festival location of Tour du Teche finish line - 10-8-16

Manitou Lighthouse Sold At Auction - 10-8-16
Renovated Lake Michigan lighthouse in South Haven revealed - 10-8-16

NL Maritime Society to honor its president with lighthouse award - 10-8-16

Lighthouse Festival events at the Wolcott Keeper's House - 10-8-16

Beach run fundraiser for Sabine Pass Lighthouse - 10-8-16
Lighthouse keepers honored - 10-7-16

Undaunted postman delivers letter to Wexford lighthouse using map... - 10-7-16

Michigan's Manitou Island lighthouse sold at auction for $73K - 10-7-16

Renovated South Haven lighthouse to be unveiled Friday morning, Oct. 7 - 10-7-16

Landmark lighthouse to be lit in act of remembrance - 10-6-16

Recently relocated Gay Head Lighthouse is in rough shape - 10-6-16

Montauk Point Lighthouse holiday light display canceled - 10-6-16

Explore Jersey Shore landmarks through 'Lighthouse Challenge' Oct. 15 and 16 - 10-6-16

To The Lighthouse: A Magical Getaway At Dyrhólaey -10-5-16
Hereford Lighthouse - 10-5-16

Menominee's iconic lighthouse undergoes renovations -10-5-16
Cache Valley native wins award for lighthouse contributions - 10-5-16

Strange happenings on Lake Michigan island that's been on fire since June - 10-4-16

Higgins working to increase access to lighthouse - 10-4-16

Movie about lighthouse keepers to start filming next week - 10-3-16

Oktoberfest, Lighthouse Festival and more to do around Wisconsin this week - 10-3-16

Curious History of Oceanside Part 2: WW II, Lighthouse on Oregon Coast - 10-2-16

Last Chance to See The Wind Point Lighthouse for The Season - 10-2-16

Lighthouse Point Fest: Beacon of fun under overcast St. George sky -10-2-16

Seeing Morris Island lighthouse lit might mean a small trek - 10-2-16

New coloring book available during Lighthouse Challenge -9-30-16

Assateague Coast Guard Station and Lighthouse -9-30-16
Morris Island Lighthouse will brighten the skies Saturday  -9-30-16

Oscoda DDA mulls purchase of historic AuSable lighthouse -9-29-16
Book Notes: 'Brilliant Beacons' a readable history of lighthouses -9-29-16

Lighthouse Keepers Honored in Biggest Ceremony Yet -9-29-16
Restored lighthouse on Lake Erie shore in Ohio dedicated -9-29-16

Jupiter Lighthouse roof in need of repairs -9-29-16

BE LOCAL Pensacola Lighthouse: Lighting the way since 1824 - 9-28-16

Why so many New Zealand stamps feature lighthouses - 9-25-2016

New Jersey Lighthouse Challenge Set for Oct. 15 and 16 - 9-24-2016

Spend the night at Point Arena Lighthouse - 9-22-2016

Cape St. Mary’s lighthouse receives heritage designation - 9-22-2016

Volunteers gear up for celebration of Choptank River Lighthouse - 9-21-2016

Morris Island Lighthouse wired to shine Oct. 1 - 9-21-2016

An illuminating find: Ottoman period 'lighthouse' and fisherman's home are unearthed on hill in Israel - 9-21-2016

 - 9-21-2016

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