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Florida Lighthouse Association, Inc.

Preserving, Restoring, Protecting & Defending Florida's Lighthouse Towers

Lighthouse Congress Photos

40 photo(s) Updated on: 31 Oct 2011
  • FLA awards a record $89,672.00 from the Gene Oakes Lighthouse Grant Fund (Specialty License Plate Fund) and $13,705.00 from the Tom Taylor Keepers Grant Fund -- total $103,377.00
  • PBS Producer Mike Rowan discussed the production of his documentary "Lighthouses of the Gulf Coast" on Friday night, then we watched the award winning TV show
  • Ken presents an official meeting plaque to Mike Rowan -- the plaque features authorized Paul Bradley drawing of the Cape San Blas, Cape St. George and Crooked River Lighthouses
  • Our Color Guard was made up of members of the NJROTC from Port St. Joe High School carrying the FLA official historic flags
  • Soloist, Ann Comforter, opened our meeting with "God Bless America"
  • Our Light Keeper for this meeting was Daniel Raffield -- son of Danny Raffield, long-time FLA member and restorer of the St. Joseph Point Lighthouse
  • We were officially welcomed to Port St. Joe my mayor Mayor Mel C. Magidson, Jr.
  • Vice President of Meetings and Events officially welcomed first-time attendees
  • One of our hosts and presenters was Charlotte Pierce, president of the St. Joseph Historical Society and long time FLA member and friend
  • Members of the St. Joseph Historical Society told of their restoration efforts of "Sleeping Beauty," one of the remaining keeper houses -- this is the "before" picture
  • "Sleeping Beauty" after the heroic restoration effort by the St. Joseph Historical Society
  • Ken with keynote presenters Wayne Odel and Daniel Raffield -- Wayne is the carpenter that worked with Danny Raffield on the St. Joseph Point Lighthouse restoration, a 43 year project
  • Al King, Ken Smith, members of the St. Joseph Historical Society, Mayor Mel C. Magidson, Jr. and Wanda Mayo with a $5,000.00 Gene Oakes Lighthouse Fund grant for restoration work at Cape San Blas
  • Al, Ken and Wanda presenting checks for $27,272.00 for Pensacola Lighthouse tower and carriage house matching fund restoration projects
  • Al, Ken and Wanda present $16,100 from the Gene Oakes Lighthouse Grant Fund and $2,000 from the Tom Taylor Keepers Fund for Crooked River Lighthouse wash house reclamation, restoration and signage
  • Al, Ken and District 3 Commissioner Ron Ecker present $15,393.00 for Cedar Keys restoration -- this is matching funds with the University of Florida from the Gene Oakes Lighthouse Grant Fund
  • Al and Ken present a $9,830.00 Gene Oakes Lighthouse Grant to members of the Cape Canaveral Lighthouse Association used for sidewalk re-creation
  • Al, Ken and Ron present $16,077 for Boca Grande restoration, $1,850 for Garparilla Range crushed shell/soil stabilization (Gene Oakes Grants) and $2,130 for historic signage (Tom Taylor Keepers Fund)
  • Ron, Ken and Wanda present a $5,000 matching Tom Taylor Keepers Grant for a lighthouse-related museum exhibit and $2,725 for promotion of the 2012 Lighthouse Challenge
  • Lunch on Saturday was a fabulous Low Country Boil
  • Cape San Blas at night
  • Our first-ever two-day event featured speakers on Sunday -- here, Ken presents and official meeting plaque to Leslie Cox who told us of the restoration efforts at Crooked River Lighthouse
  • Terry Kemp told of the Association efforts of developing their museum
  • Dennis Barnell shared of the St. George Lighthouse Association work of building a museum in their recently completed replica of one of the original keeper houses
  • Jerry Murphy discussed the development of exhibits in the new museum at St. George Lighthouse
  • Jon Hill from Pensacola tells of the wonderful restoration work done on the keeper house partially funded by a Gene Oakes Lighthouse Fund grant
  • Members being inducted into the Winslow Lewis Society -- these and other members made is so we could secure a Specialty License Plate which provides funds for the Gene Oakes Lighthouse Grant Fund
  • The lighthouse and museum on St. George Island
  • This replica of a keeper's uniform was donated to the St. George Lighthouse Museum by FLA former president Stan Farnham who wore it at all meetings
  • FLA purchases commemorative bricks for any lighthouse in Florida
  • Ken offers to sign the check at Crooked River -- curator Joan Matey watches
  • Ken and Joan Matey, curator of the Crooked River Lighthouse Museum, are on the foundation that the City of Carrabelle has prepared for the Wash House
  • Joan and Ken in front of the historic Wash House -- this was sold years ago and moved two miles down the highway -- with two Gene Oakes Lighthouse Grants it will be moved back "home" and restored
  • St. Joseph Point Lighthouse, fully restored home of FLA member Danny Raffield -- Danny and wife Joanne opened their home for members of the Beacon, Prism and Fresnel Societies
  • Daniel Raffield and Prism Society members in the lantern room -- with efforts of the Lumen, Beacon, Prism and Fresnel Society funds from the Tom Taylor Keepers Fund are available
  • Daniel Raffield, Prism Society member Mary Dorsey and FLA President Ken Smith on the widowmaker's walk
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