Florida Lighthouse Association

Preserving, Restoring, Protecting & Defending Florida's Lighthouse Towers

Approved Grants

The Florida Lighthouse Association recently awarded $103,377 to "preserve, restore, protect and defend Florida’s historic lighthouses.” In addition to funding specific projects, FLA grants make it possible for lighthouses to attract matching funds from other sources.


$34,000 - Fowey Rocks (U Bolt Support Bracket Replacement) 
$33,250 - Fowey Rocks (Water Bulk Anode Install & Tension Rod Repair)
$32,400 - Cape Canaveral (Keepers' Cottages Architectural & Engineering Documents)
$25,000 - Cape San Blas [Lighthouse Tower Relocation]
$25,000 - Cape San Blas (Relocation of Lighthouse)
$22,900 - Jupiter Inlet (Lantern Room Metal Roof Repair & Restoration)
$20,000 ‐ Pensacola [Historic Tower Restoration] 
$16,100 ‐ Crooked River [Wash House Restoration & Relocation]   
$16,077 ‐ Port Boca Grande [Lighthouse Re‐paint & Maintenance] 
$15,393 ‐ Cedar [Seahorse] Key [Lighthouse & Water Cistern Re‐paint / Maintenance] 
$15,000 - Pensacola [Keeper’s Porch Restoration]
$12,900 - St. Marks (Condition Assessment)
$10,000 - Ponce lnlet [Ironwork Restoration] 
$10,000 - St. Augustine [Keeper’s Porch Restoration]
$10,000 - St. Marks (Emergency Stabilization and Protection)
  $9,830 ‐ Cape Canaveral [Crushed Shell Walkway from Oil House to parking area] 
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  $8,000 - Hillsboro Inlet [Gallery Door & Interior Rust Repairs]
  $7,272 ‐ Pensacola [Historic Carriage House Restoration] 
  $5,000 ‐ Cape San Blas [Sleeping Beauty Keeper’s Quarters Restoration]
  $5,000 - Cape San Blas (Architectural Project - Lighthouse Relocation)
  $2,425 - Port Boca Grande [Boardwalk Restoration] 
  $1,850 - Gasparilla Range Rear [Crushed Shell Ground install around LH Foundation]


$10,000 - Anclote Key (boat dock replacement - grid replacement)
  $6,000 - Pensacola (Interactive Fresnel Lens Exhibit)
  $5,000 - Cape St. George [Keeper’s Museum Audio‐Visual Exhibit]
  $3,000 - Sombrero (monument)
  $3,000 - Sombrero (monument)
  $2,725 - Cape St. George [2012 Lighthouse Challenge]
  $2,500 - Egmont Key (Fresnel Lens Pedestal Restoration)
  $2,500 - Egmont Key (Fresnel Lens Pedestal Restoration)
  $2,130 - Gasparilla Range Rear [Historic Marker purchase and install] 
  $2,000 - Crooked River [Interpretive Signage for use at Wash House] 

For additional information, contact FLA’s Vice President for Grants at Grants@FloridaLightHouses.org.

For application and report forms see the Restoration and Preservation Page.

FLA is a nonprofit organization. Grant funds are made possible by individuals who make charitable gifts,become members and purchase the "Visit our Lights" Florida State specialty license plates.
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